Two Brits found dead on Cyprus beach


TWO Britons were found dead today at the popular tourist destination of Paphos in Cyprus.

Harry Bernard, 61, and Christine Sugarhood, 66, died during a desperate rescue attempt as it was reported that Mrs Sugarhood found herself in trouble in the sea.

Allegedly it was Mrs Sugarhood’s husband, Norman, who was initially struggling with the strong currents and Mrs Sugarhood, who was said to love swimming, who jumped in to help him out.


After her husband arrived safely on the shore it was then that Mrs Sugarhood found herself in difficulties in the water as she had suffered a heart attack whilst heading back to shore, causing her to lose consciousness.

Harry Bernard, who was on holiday with his wife, saw the event occur and immediately dived in to help Mrs Sugarhood out of the water.

He managed to get Mrs Sugarhood out of the sea and lay her on the sand where he began to perform CPR. Unfortunately, he also suffered a heart attack shortly afterwards.

Mr Bernard was pronounced dead at the scene but paramedics were able to get Mrs Sugarhood to a nearby clinic, but she later died.

Mrs Sugarhood’s husband is currently still in Paphos but has declined to speak in depth about the situation.


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