Forgive and forget? Not likely!


Just had to happen didn’t it? It was as predictable as the flowers in May or the X Factor judges using the word ‘amazing’ about a million times a show. From certain quarters we are now being asked to feel sorry for some of these young toe rags that left the shores and comforts of GB to side with the odious ISIS. You see. ‘It’s not their fault’, cry the ‘uman rights brigade. It’s the media allowing the evil radicalizers to publicize their views that should be taking the blame for their terrorist temptations. What a load of pure unadulterated claptrap. I don’t care how ‘fresh faced’, ‘well liked’ and ‘innocent’ these young men and women were. They are evil, unforgivable psychopaths that have committed treason against the country that nurtured them and partaken in unforgivable acts of satanic terrorism. If they return to British shores, all of them must be locked away to spend the remainder of their miserable existence behind bars. ‘Oh but some of them are too frightened to come back,’ wail some of the parents, who should, to my mind, be locked up as well. The poor diddum’s have become fed up with sawing off people’s heads to play football with and shooting unarmed victims in the back. ‘We wanna come home now Mum’. Get back to how it all was before we decided to run off and kill people! Well I’ve got news for them. They have all forfeited their right to ever live among decent human beings again. They are the scum of the earth and so is anyone who supports them – including the Lawyers who are no doubt gathering like the vultures they are to once more bleed the British tax payer out of millions, fighting cases that will no doubt drag on for years. If I had my way I’d lock them up as well. To me they are not much better than the non-human rubbish they will be earning millions to defend.

Shouldn’t really be angry this week. Things are actually quite good. For the next two weeks I am appearing back in the old Motherland with shows as far apart as Norfolk and Blackpool. Channel Five’s OAP’s Behaving Badly is coming over to film my Flying Curry Circus Christmas party on the 13th of December. Venue to be announced. Plug plug! (Yes, I am doing it again, despite the fact that I’m still trying to live down the first one!) My double Pneumonia is finally over and hopefully I don’t have prostate cancer. So it’s onward and upward. Next week’s scribble will issue from the cold and windy shores of the old country -provided I don’t get stopped at the border! Course I won’t, they let anyone in don’t they!? Have a good week and whatever ya do. Always.

Keep the faith.


Love Leapy    [email protected]



  1. Excellent article Leapy! To start feeling sorry for these individuals would be a crime in itself. They should have their citizenship taken away and banned from entering the country. They made the choice and must now live with the consequences.


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