Mosquitoes outstay their welcome


THE long hot summer has become a long hot autumn and mosquitoes are as voracious as ever.

Worst of all are the tiger mosquitoes.  They can bite 50 times within in a quarter of an hour as the Marina Alta resident who had to visit A & E can testify.

Local councils are taking steps to combat the plague, including Ondara where the town hall is spraying schools, parks and storm drains.  Breeding grounds like untended swimming pools, turf sprinklers and flower planters will also be tracked down and treated, said councillor Javier Lozana.  


Schools are to be fumigated on Saturdays while parks and gardens will be closed for 12 hours after spraying.  Fumigation is aimed at all mosquitoes but a product specific to tiger mosquitoes will be used inside storm drain grills, Lozana explained.



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