Jail for bag-snatcher

BAG-SNATCHER: to serve two years and eight months in prison

A court in Palma has condemned a dangerous burglar to two years and eight months in prison for grabbing an elderly lady’s handbag outside her front door at the beginning of the year.

The attacker asked her to let him into the building, which she did – assuming he was a new neighbour – at which point he attacked her then ran away.

The bag-snatcher took a handbag containing documentation, a small purse, €80 in cash, medicine and a pair of gloves and was later arrested by National Police officers.


Meanwhile the 76 year old victim required medical attention for injuries to her left shoulder.

The accused, currently in prison in Palma, confessed to Palma judge Juan Manuel Sobrino that he had committed the violent attack making the most of his superior strength and the fact that they were alone in the building entrance.




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