Will the EU ever work?


At the start of the Pistorius trial I forecast he would get 6 to 8 years for manslaughter. Not far out was I? Around that time I also wrote there was an extremely big name ‘waiting in the wings’ to be brought up on historical child abuse charges. I was of course referring to Rolf Harris. Well now I can tell you there is at this moment another bunch of names facing the dock. A group that will only escape child molestation charges if, (as is highly possible), there is a cover up of Perfumo proportions to get them all out of it. Will these people receive their just deserts? I’ve no idea. What I do suspect however that, as we speak, there is a veritable hive of hierarchy, working like dervishes to protect their backsides. The phrase ‘if I go – you go’ is probably being more bandied about than ‘bring down the deficit’ in certain high places at the moment. Watch this space – but don’t hold yer breath.

You know why the EU is never going to work? Because its communism, pure and simple. Why do you think Milliband and his bunch of lefties are so up for it? The 1.7 million pounds, demanded by the coffer keepers of Brussels, simply because Britain has been so successful in restoring the economy, shows the whole rotten conspiracy up with all its devious left wing intentions. Communism, which runs on the premise that all men/women (and countries) are equal, simply doesn’t work – unless its participants are brainwashed into the minarets and robots that dwell in countries akin to North Korea and China. This being the case, there is simply no chance whatsoever that the citizens of GB are going to fall into the EU line. I also cannot believe that Germany could actually fail to envisage such an obvious outcome to the whole ill-fated scheme. When you ‘even’ everyone up you don’t lift them up to your living standards and way of life; you get dragged you down to theirs. The more participants in this whole grand EU scheme, the lower all our standards are going to end up. When we’ve finally sunk to the ‘every country is equal’ level, we’ll all be working for two bob an hour with the EU hierarchy driving their limos to work in special lanes. Give us a break. Let’s get out while we can and reap the benefits of our free enterprise and sacrifices. I dunno, sometimes I really do despair of it all.

Delighted we’ve finally pulled out of our war in Afghanistan. Any idea who won?


Finally when are these terrorists going to get into their heads that the more atrocities they carry out the more resolved the West will be to wiping them out? Let the hostages go. We have been known to respect a little compassion.


Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.  [email protected] 


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