Elderly holiday packages to Spain


A TRAVEL programme to promote tourism to Spain and aimed at senior citizens has been launched by the government.

EU residents over the age of 55 will be offered tourist packages to 30 Spanish destinations during the low and medium tourist seasons in an effort to increase the quality of life of senior citizens and boost employment at the destination resorts.

The 2014/2015 Europe Senior Tourism Programme is to be implemented throughout the country in destinations that met specific criteria necessary to the enjoyment of senior citizens. All  chosen destinations have good transport infrastructure, are close to international connections, are destinations with a high degree of seasonal tourism, have superior quality three and four star hotels and a wide variety of activities.


Among the chosen destinations that will be offered to senior citizens are the western Costa del Sol, Almeria, Alicante, Palma, Costa Blanca and Menorca.

The tourism packages for seniors will include return tickets, accommodation in a three or four star hotel at half-board, travel insurance and language assistance.

The initiative will help extend the tourism season beyond its traditional timeframe and generate income in the chosen areas.



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