€750 fine for Seville bin rummagers


PEOPLE who rummage through rubbish bins in Seville could find themselves slapped with a €750 fine.

Though fines for rifling through communal rubbish bins have been in place for some time in the city, they were not enforced and the amount has now been raised from €300 to €750.

Opponents to the new move – approved by Seville’s city council this week – have likened it to “shooting flies with cannon balls”.


As a result of the economic crisis the sight of people going through rubbish containers to see what they can salvage or sell has been a commonplace one throughout Spain.

But Seville mayor Juan Ignacio Zoido is taking a tough stance on the bin rummagers, according to The Local.

“When you have to look after people’s health (and take care of) cleanliness, you can’t let people throw rubbish around containers,” he said. “When people come down from their apartments they don’t want to find common areas and the streets full of rubbish because there are people pulling it out (of containers) and throwing it around.”

A spokesperson for the United Left, in opposition to the new move, said that it was “shocking” that the local authorities, “can’t guarantee citizens’ basic rights and on top of that there are fines.”


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