Scotland reduces drink-drive limit


The blood alcohol limit in Scotland is to be dropped from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml of blood, in time for the boozy Christmas period.

The reduction in amounts means that drivers could be breaking the law if they drink just one small glass of wine or a single pint of beer. The new limit imposed brings Scotland into line with the rest of Europe apart from England and Wales where the limit is still 80mg.

From December 5, traffic police will be able to breath-test drivers at the reduced limit as the force launches its annual festive crackdown.


The Scottish parliament originally voted in favour of reducing the drink-drive limit two years ago but implementation of the new law was severely delayed by administrative backlogs at Westminster, which still reserves powers over the setting of breath-test limits and their admissibility in court.

Around one in 10 deaths on Scotland’s roads are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday morning, the Scottish justice secretary, Kenny MacAskill, said the plans to reduce the drink-drive limit had ‘broad support’.


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