Dangerous wild mushrooms


On Sunday October 19 a Gerona couple collected wild mushrooms which they decided to eat for dinner.

The following day, the 56-year-old woman started to feel ill and went to the Santa Caterina de Salt Hospital in Gerona, Cataluña, where she was seen by doctors and then sent home.

At 4pm on Wednesday October 22 she was admitted to Josep Trueta Hospital and died four hours later due to multiple organ failure. Her husband, who also ate the mushrooms, was also admitted to hospital but declared stable and not in danger.


Tests determined that the patient had eaten Amanita Phalloides, a highly toxic mushroom.



  1. Shameful that this should happen. Why was she sent home from the Santa Caterina de Salt Hospital? It would seem the doctor there did not do his job properly, otherwise this woman may well have lived. The hospital, and in particular the doctor should be charged with gross negligence!
    My sympathy to the family.


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