National IBI proposed by the mayor of Estepona

Partido Popular de Estepona

THE mayor of Estepona, Jose Maria Garcia, has suggested that the local council tax be paid nationally to help the local council’s administrations and avoid a sharp rise in municipal tax.

The idea is to fix a national rate on housing tax, with a variable depending on the value at the land registry. He says this will avoid a high rise in municipal taxes since “it is unfair on the majority of house owners, who have to support the ones that don’t contribute”. He compared the situation to “medieval times when the situation was the same, allowing local housing tax increases that are not acceptable in today’s society”.

He also suggested that making foreigners register in the towns should be “mandatory”. The official numbers of inhabitants are taken into account when calculating the PIE and PICA, studies on education or health, and the percentages of urban growth, but they do not correspond to the number of actual inhabitants, especially in tourist towns as visitors do not see the urgency in registering.


Another proposal put forward by the mayor is to put a protection system in place between administrations by “self-responsibility”, meaning that any legal act approved by the local town hall should be legally binding under any administration party.


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