Crash diets do work


DESPITE the ‘slow and steady’ approach being favoured by nutritionists for people wanting to lose weight and keep it off, experts now say that crash diets do work and could be just as effective.

Research published in The Lancet medical journal now seems to contradict that earlier advice of losing weight gradually.

A study was carried out of 200 obese adults with half following a 12 week rapid weight loss plan and the other half a gradual 36 week plan. Four out of five crash dieters reached their target weight, compared with just half of those dieting more slowly. The study found that the crash dieters were no more likely to put weight back on with both groups regaining around 71 per cent of what they had lost within three years.


However experts warned that those on crash diets are not able to get all the nutrients they need and may have to take medically approved supplements.


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