The cutest Halloween costume

Cordon Press

This young man’s video sparked a Facebook share frenzy this weekend as well as quarter of a million YouTube views as internet users all over the world fell in love with young toddler Tristan, who shows off his brand new Halloween costume.

Tristan jumps around cheerfully sporting a minion costume, an increasingly popular group of characters from family film ‘Despicable Me’ which was released by Universal Pictures in 2010 and was received well across the board from several film critics.

Due to the costume being rather large and fairly awkward for the little man to wear, he loses his balance then tumbles face first to the floor.


Despite the fall, Tristan doesn’t seem to be bothered as he is helped up by his grandparents and reassures them of his safety by proclaiming “I’m OK!”

We’re expecting to see a lot of children arriving at our doors, and to our Halloween parties dressed as a minion on October 31 thanks to young Tristan!

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