Nigeria declared as Ebola Free

Cordon Press
20 year old hygienist working in Liberia

The World Health Organisation has officially declared Nigeria free from Ebola after no new cases were reported over the last 42 days.

The first case was Patrick Sawyer, who caught the virus on a recent trip to Liberia and collapsed at an airport, but since then there have been several reported cases in Nigeria, eight of which sadly passed away.

The Ebola virus continues at large in affected areas such as Sierra Leone and Liberia, where the outbreak is at it’s worst, but continues to affect the rest of the world in small proportions. However, more success stories are coming to light such as Spanish nurse Teresa Romero testing negative for the virus earlier today after being quarantined.


As well as Mrs Romero’s success story, reports from the US have confirmed that staff who had been in contact with Texan Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan, have been given the all clear.

Although to defeat the deadly virus we still have a long way to go, the end of Ebola is still a work in progress.


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