Costa Del Sol crowned best-value destination

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Spain, Bali and Portugal have been voted the best-value winter sun destinations in a new report.
With the autumn half-term soon to begin, holidaymakers should be heading to these three destinations, according to a winter sunshine report by The Post Office, and top of the list for value for money was the Costa del Sol in Spain.
Prices have plummeted at popular European resorts, with destinations reducing their prices to attract tourism. Visitors are at last seeing their money go further especially as sterling has surged to a six-year high against the euro. 
Comparing prices on an average basket of holiday supplies, the Costa del Sol offered the best value at a total of £44.03.  
The eight items, included the following: 1. A cup of filter coffee at a café. 2. Bottle of local beer at a café/bar. 3. Bottle/can of cola at a café/bar. 4. Glass of wine at a café/bar. 5. 1.5L bottle of mineral water bought at a supermarket. 6. Sun cream bought at a supermarket. 7. Insect repellent bought at a supermarket. 8. Three-course evening meal for two (including a bottle of wine). 
The Costa del Sol was also top on the list for value restaurants, where holidaymakers can enjoy a three-course family meal for £32.49, a cup of coffee for just under £1 and a glass of wine for around £1.40.
Bali was second on the list, with a meal for two averaging £37.60, and a cola just costing 50p. The basket was also second, costing £47.21.
Third was Portugal where the same basket has dropped 11 per cent since last year, with a price of £47.87.
Bob Atkinson, travel expert at Travel Supermarket, said: “It’s fantastic news that the cost of holidaying to many popular destinations is going down just as we head into winter and the colder months of the year.”
Tenerife was low on the list, with prices only dropping by 6 per cent, the same basket costing £58.
Places to avoid for the holidays if you want value for money are Dubai, where a glass of wine will cost £7, and the basket soars to £159.34 even though there has been an 8 per cent reduction in costs.
Also try avoiding Penang in Malaysia, where the cost has increased by 55 per cent since last year.


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