Waterstones Texan


Texan tourist David Willis got quite the shock as he went to exit Trafalgar Square bookstore, Waterstones, on Thursday evening when he realised there was no way of getting out as the store had closed – with him inside of it!

Willis explained how he was browsing for around 15 minutes upstairs, then as he came down all the lights were turned off and the door was locked. He then proceeded to tweet for help using social media platform Twitter.

Users found the story so funny that his tweets went viral and he then got the nickname “Waterstones Texan” which was followed by comical tweets from other Waterstones stores in other areas of the UK including Liverpool and Aberdeen promising not to lock customers in.


Bookworms on twitter expressed that in their eyes it would be an ideal situation with one user quoting  “Coffee, comfy seats and any book to choose from? Sign me up.” Other users working in retail thought that he deserved to be locked in as last-minute customers get on everybody’s nerves. We understand David disagreed with both of these views, after politely asking the Waterstones twitter account to let him out of the London store. Now, do you think David is a light reader or an all-night reader?


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