Dutch biker gangs vs ISIS

Cordon Press

KURDISH troops aren’t the only ones that are battling against the Islamic State. It’s been reported that several members of a biker gang from the Netherlands have headed to Iraq.

The biker gang – known as “No Surrender” and includes members from several cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam – have travelled to the Middle East to join forces with Kurdish fighters against the terrorist group. One member even posted a photo of himself on Twitter with a fellow fighter holding a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

It has been speculated that since the gang travelled to the Middle East they may not be able to return to their own country, however Wim de Bruin, a public prosecutor spokesman, said that: “joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it’s no longer forbidden”. It was also said that the bikers can feel free to fight for another army unless the army is fighting against the Netherlands.


The biker gang are among several other people who have left their home countries to stop the militants.


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