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I saw a Care advert in a local newspaper here in Spain and made contact with Sandra Field, the Consultus Recruitment Consultant on the Costa Blanca. Within a week I was on my way to the

UK, to the Consultus Care Head Office for a final interview and training.



I already had qualifications in nursing, however the wonderful thing about Consultus is their professionalism, meaning anyone can apply without any caring/nursing qualifications because the training given by qualified staff covers all aspects of care.


At the end of my training I was lucky enough to be offered work and came away looking forward to starting work the following week. Since that time I have been back to the UK

numerous times over the last four years. You have the option of allowing Consultus to choose

working dates for you – or like me – to work to a strict diary and be able to book my clients well in advance.


You are never alone with Consultus. They are always contactable by phone or email, even on

weekends, bank holidays, etc. Fortunately I have been asked back by most of my clients and this works amazingly well both for ingoing and outgoing carers, and especially for the clients. Clients can feel very anxious about who is coming to care for them and once they know you

are returning, they feel confident and happy. At times it can be very interesting listening to

clients’ stories of their varied and fascinating lives and it can be immensely entertaining

hearing about them.


Patience is a must whether it is taking time to read, do the crossword, watch a programme, or listen to the radio or a piece of favourite music with them. And most really enjoy sharing their mealtimes with their carer rather than eating alone. Clients can also enjoy a manicure, having their hair done, wearing some make-up, help with choosing their clothes and sometimes being taken out shopping for new clothes. If you are willing to help with these little niceties the care you give can be so rewarding. This may also involve doctor and hospital visits, so you have to be ready and adaptable for any eventualities.


“First impressions count

at the client’s house”


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