Monstrous storm to hit UK and US



Residents in the UK are being warned to be vigilant over the next five days as a violent storm stretching from the coast of Spain all the way to Canada is due to cause disruption on both sides of the Atlantic. Some parts of the UK such as Essex have already been issued flood warnings to prepare residents for the heavy downpours due to hit over the next few days. Up to 40mm of rain could fall in some areas of the country.

Areas of East Anglia have already experienced flooding after riverbanks burst following heavy rains. The strange combination of weather – which is extremely rare especially in October – is due to an area of low pressure sitting over the west of Britain. It has already caused two hurricanes – named Gonzalo and Fay – one of which hit Bermuda and shortly dissipated. However, Hurricane Gonzalo gathered strength in the Caribbean and is reputedly responsible for the death of an elderly man in St Maarten. It is suggested that Canada may feel its effects by the end of the week.


Despite the expectation of violent storms battering the UK, temperatures are predicted to stay at at least 20 degrees, making it both a wet and warm week.


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