Coronation Street youngsters outraged at whopping pay gap

Cordon Press

FANS of Coronation Street will know that the soap has seen some of its most popular characters leave the famous street this year, including the likes of Tina McIntyre, played by Michelle Keegan. The character of Peter Barlow, played by Chris Gascoyne, will be leaving the show next month.

Although the stars say they departed for their own reasons there are rumours circulating in showbiz circles that they left because they know they can earn more money elsewhere and also because of the fact that some of the older stars are paid up to six times more.

The average wage for a newcomer to ‘Corrie’ is said to be around 40,000 British pounds a year, however they are not permitted to earn extra through other ventures such as appearances at clubs and events.


A source previously told The Sun newspaper that the younger stars were “on pittance” and they make a lot more appearances on the show in comparison to some of the bigger stars – some of whom are rumoured to be on as much as 250,000 British pounds a year. The source also mentioned that Corrie bosses show a lack of sympathy towards those that complain as there are many young aspiring actors who would kill for a role on the popular British soap.


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