Comedian McIntyre storms off

Cordon Press

A FURIOUS Michael McIntyre stormed off the stage in the middle of his show in Darlington yesterday evening due to a woman in the front row constantly using her mobile phone throughout the concert.

Although the show was in fact sold out, the woman seemed to be more interested in her mobile phone which infuriated comedian Mr McIntyre as he wanted to continue the concert without distraction. After finding out earlier this week that his father had committed suicide, Michael was heartbroken but still continued to put on several performances including the one in Darlington.

Fans sided with Michael, and as well as chanting for the woman to leave the premises, a lot of those who attended the concert tweeted their support to him and apologised for the rudeness. 




  1. I recently had a ‘Michael McIntyre Moment’ at the start of my speech, ‘Daily Hate’ – about the onslaught by some British newspapers against immigrants and minorities, especially Romanians and Bulgarians.

    Here’s a 45 second intro, including the guy who started phoning as soon I started speaking.


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