Apple and Facebook freezing eggs for employees

Cordon Press

TECH giants Apple and Facebook definitely seem to be going the extra mile for their employees after it was revealed that they are planning to offer female employees the chance to freeze their eggs.

Apple is happy to offer longer parental leave, reimbursements for educational classes and student loan refinancing. From January, they will also be offering their employees the perk of cryopreservation and egg storage in order to ensure that female employees who want a career – but who don’t want to sacrifice their chances of having a family – have the opportunity to do so. This is in a bid to not only retain staff that already work there, but also to attract more female staff as the company consists of predominantly male staff.

Social network giants Facebook also has similar idea, offering employees around £13,000 (€16,000) to pay for the same process. They already have several fertility treatment and adoption options for male and female staff, as well as handing their employees £2,500 (€3,000) in baby cash! Although freezing eggs does not necessarily result in a baby, it adds to the many health and well-being perks that both tech giants have on offer to staff.



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