Parque Europa rapist back in prison

ARRESTED FOR ATTEMPTED SEXUAL ASSAULT: Parque Europa rapist back behind bars

THE Parque Europa rapist is back in prison.

A judge sent the Parque Europa rapist back to prison on Thursday October 9 for attempted sexual assault. The 41-year-old has a criminal record for similar offences and had been released from Villanubla prison in Valladolid in August 2013, where he was serving a sentence for raping a young woman at Parque Europa in Palencia, Castilla y Leon, in 1996.

According to official sources, the man is back behind bars for attempting to sexually assault a woman on Tuesday October 2 at around 10.30pm on Avenida Casado del Alisal when the victim was on her way home.


He reportedly approached her from behind, put his arms around her and threatened to kill her if she screamed. He put one of his hands over her mouth and the woman bit him. He then tried to throw her on the ground, though she pushed him, freed herself and tried to call for help, but no words came out of her mouth due to her panic and the stress she was under.

She ran away and called the police on her mobile phone. While making the call, she realized the man was still standing where he attacked her, perhaps hoping that she would go back to look for the shoe she had lost in the struggle.

However, he escaped when he saw she was making a call on her phone. Moments later, a police car arrived on the scene and the woman told the officers what had happened. They got back in their car and went looking for the suspect on the avenue where he attacked his victim. The man was arrested by other officers that were also looking for him and taken to the police station where he refused to be questioned.








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