Shooting shocks peaceful Finestrat


VALENCIAN resident Francisco Fresneda, aged 59, has been remanded in custody for allegedly shooting his girlfriend’s son.

The injured man, a 35-year-old North African, is recovering in Villajoyosa hospital after an operation to remove a bullet from his intestine.

Two days earlier the alleged aggressor splattered insulting slogans on the walls of the younger man’s home and punctured the tyres of his car.


On the day of the shooting he attacked the North African’s father, who is divorced from the victim’s mother, at the family home.  Hearing his father’s calls for help, the son was shot while running to his assistance, witnesses claimed.

His client admitted shooting at the younger man, but according to Fresneda’s lawyer, he only intended to intimidate him. He fired in the air and could not understand how the injury occurred.

The injured man’s lawyer challenged Fresneda’s version. “It’s strange for a bullet to go into a person’s stomach when someone fires into the air,” he said.



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