Toughen up on immigration call

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CAMERON: Harden immigration rules

CONSERVATIVE MPs are urging UK Prime Minister David Cameron to toughen immigration rules after UKIP took a formerly ‘safe’ Tory seat in a by-election.

The Nigel Farage led party won the Clacton, Essex, election with nearly 60 per cent of the vote. The candidate, Douglas Carswell, had defected from the Conservatives during the summer.

In the aftermath of the defeat Cameron has been called on to harden the UK’s policy on the free movement of labour within the European Union and some MPs called on a pact with UKIP for next year’s general election.



  1. UKIP, a political party whose polices are based on a profound fear of immigrants, has just had their first MP elected by the people of Clacton, a town which is over 90% white British, with hardly any immigrants.

    So the issue in Clacton cannot really be immigration – even though opinion polls reported that immigration was the number one concern for Clacton voters in this byelection.

    See my commentary: ‘Why did UKIP win in Clacton?’

  2. How could mature, rational and compassionate politicians better combat UKIP and their dangerous mantra against immigrants? By standing up, boldly and confidently, to say that immigration is not the problem. The problem is one of poverty and deprivation; lack of employment opportunities; lack of investment in the poorest towns and areas of the country; a lack of hope for the future.

    See my commentary: Why did UKIP win in Clacton?

  3. Cameron promised to toughen up on immigration before the last election. What hope do we have that he will do it this time. I thought (hoped) this man may make a difference on immigration but sadly he has shown by his lack of action that he is as bad as the rest.

  4. Sorry Jon, but you are deluded. Britain’s problem for the last ten years has been immigration. Ever since the traitor Blair opened the doors and allowed every Tom Dick and Harry from wherever to enter the country, and gave them free access to benefits, the NHS and housing, this country has gone down hill.
    We have the highest unemployment the country has ever seen, and why? Because an immigrant will do the job for less.
    The Muslims are creating problems in their attempts to undermine everything British (Re: Trojan Horse and demonstrations) in an effort to turn the country into an Islamic State.
    The overloaded NHS is on its knees because Blair offered them free health care, the same goes for the benefits system and housing.
    Why should our old folk have to choose between food and heating in winter when immigrants are housed in £2m mansions paid for by the tax payer??

  5. Roy, back up your statements with verifiable evidence and I will consider joining you in protest. So far, however, I cannot find the evidence to support your points of view – although genuinely my mind is open to change, based strictly on evidence, not hearsay.

    Migrants here from the rest of the EU have, in the past ten years, made a massive contribution to our fiscal funds, whilst during the same period, British people took out much more than they put into the treasury. Rather than being a burden, these EU migrants have been a boon, helping to ensure our national debt is not higher than it is.

    Most EU migrants here are in gainful employment and not unemployment. They come here in the main for jobs; no jobs, and they mostly either don’t come, or they go back home. In any event, there are the same number of Britons living in the rest of the EU as EU migrants are living here. It works both ways.

    See my article:

  6. Hi Jon, I think the evidence is all around us, look at the unemployment statistics, and only this week the desperate situation with the NHS has been spread across every newspaper in the country.
    You are correct in saying that for the most part EU migrants come here looking for work, but the fact they are willing to work for less than an English worker makes them favourite with the bosses and therefore our people cannot get a job. But what about all the non-EU migrants who by far outnumber them.
    They come here with the idea of living off the State in the form of benefits while trying to turn the country into an Islamic State! And before you think it, I am not an immigrant hater!
    Whatever you say, there is no getting away from the fact that Britain and its people were far better off before Tony Blair came to power. It was not perfect, but a darn sight better than now.

  7. Roy, thank you for your response and engaging with me on these issues. At least you’re not calling me ‘deluded’ any more.

    At the lower end of the jobs market – picking strawberries, working in catering, etc – it’s true that many eastern European migrants have taken up a lot of those jobs, but employers tell me that British people are not interested. In any event, I firmly believe that we should be investing heavily in the upskilling of our workforce, so that workers here aspire to apply for high-skilled, high-paid jobs. We need to be prepared, because soon all low end jobs will disappear and performed by new technology.

    The evidence I have seen demonstrates that EU migrants here have made a massive net fiscal contribution to our country in the past decade. If you have other evidence, please share..

    You may be interested in my blog,

  8. Hi Jon,
    It appears we are not on the same page for you write consistently about E.U. immigrants in the U.K. but you are forgetting the bigger issue, which is the non-E.U. immigrants. I agree, that the former can be absorbed, but the problems have arisen from the 5 million plus non-E.U. immigrants that flooded into the country thanks to Tony Blair
    If it was ONLY about those from Europe I am sure we would not be in this mess, but our Social Services and the NHS are overloaded with catering for non-E.U. immigrants. IF they work, these people will work for far less than the average Brit, and that puts our workers at a disadvantage.
    On education: Tony Blair lowered the standards for exams in order to make his ‘League Table’ results look good, It is well known many young people leave school today unable to read or write properly as has been reported on many occasions. Therefore the high-tech jobs are being taken by EU. immigrants
    Blog: [email protected]

  9. Again, Roy, please provide a source for your assertions. I hadn’t forgotten non-EU migration here, but we can and should control that. I don’t believe that EU migration is a problem because the numbers are perfectly balanced by the number of Britons living in other parts of the EU.

    In any event, according to an extensive research study by UCL, both EU and non-EU migrants in the past ten years have been a significant NET fiscal contribution to this country, whilst during the same time native Britons have taken more than they have contributed. The fact is that immigrants have been a boon to this country, not a burden.

    Here’s the source:

    We both agree on the urgent need to upskill our young people and the workforce generally.

    Thank you for engaging.

  10. Jon I think we may be saying the same things but in a different way. You say that Brits have taken more than they contributed. That may be true, but only because most of them cannot find work and are drawing benefits. The reason they cannot find work I have already explained.
    I have already agreed that the number of EU migrants is not such a problem, and as you say may well be balanced out. But I reiterate my statement that the problem is the NON-EU migrants who are draining the system dry. So far as source is concerned, the evidence is all around us and has been for a long time.
    If you read the comments placed on news items these days you will find out that the British public are sick to death of this situation and want some action.
    Cameron promised this during the last election when he said he would lower immigration, but he didn’t. Now he is making the same promises. Many people feel the only way to go is with UKIP.

  11. Roy, cause and effect are notoriously difficult to prove; in medicine, in science, and especially in politics. You have come to conclusions but without any empirical evidence to back them up. You wrote of Britons, “most of them cannot find work and are drawing benefits”. This is patently incorrect; the vast majority of Britons are in gainful employment. I agree we have too high unemployment, but employment levels are at their highest too.

    We can control non-EEA immigration but I strongly challenge your assertion that these immigrants “are draining the system dry”. Proof please. It’s not evidence or scientific just to reply, “the evidence is all around us.” What evidence?

    We know from history what can happen when immigrants & minorities are scape-goated & blamed for society’s ills. Let’s think before going down that road. The real issue is lack of investment in our infrastructure, housing, training & job opportunities. Let’s not blame migrants for that.


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