Reina Sofia Hospital ready vs. Ebola


THE REINA SOFIA HOSPITAL in Cordoba is prepared to treat Ebola patients.

The hospital has prepared an entire wing for quarantining purposes in an attempt to stay prepared against the Ebola virus. In addition, there is another entire wing ready to be used for emergencies.

Even though there are no confirmed or suspected cases of the Ebola virus in Cordoba the hospital wants to make sure it has made all the necessary preparations.


Hospital personnel have been trained on the correct procedures for handling the appearance of an Ebola case. The utmost importance has been stressed on how to deal with infected patients.

The proper use of gloves, masks, and suits has been reviewed in order to remind personnel about the importance of not coming into contact with the blood or other fluids of infected patients.

According to ABC  Andalucia the hospital director has confirmed that if a case does present itself the hospital will respond with the utmost readiness. 


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