Malaga Universities owed millions


THE ANDALUCIAN UNIVERSITIES find themselves in a very unstable situation. The Board of Education along with the Andalucian Government owes the academic institutions upwards of 630 million euros.

Without this money these academic institutions cannot pay for supplies, research groups and projects, and improvements to their buildings.

In addition, the Erasmus programme has been negatively impacted by this debt. There are not enough funds for adequate Erasmus scholarship programmes which is very unfortunate.


The president of the Board of Education, Susana Diaz, as reported by La Opinion de Malaga, has assured that the debt will be paid within two and a half years. The funds meant to repay the debt will come from Regional Settlement Fund (FLA).

Classes have begun at the universities but the academic year does not officially start until, Friday, October 10. The opening ceremony of the 2014/2015 academic school year will take place on El Ejido’s campus and the Dean of Economics is set to deliver the opening speech.

The University of Malaga has enrolled 34,523 students and the deadline to enrol had been extended until November 3. 


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