DJ Teret and Savile raped underage girl


THE COURT in Manchester has listened to details about how DJ Ray Teret and Jimmy Savile raped a woman when she was 15 years old.

The woman, who is now in her early 60’s, told the court she was ‘hurting and hurting and hurting.’

The court heard the alleged order of events which took place in 1963, when she was in a nightclub with a friend. Teret approached her and offered her a cigarette and then invited her back to his apartment.


She told the room: “We got into the flat and Jimmy Savile was in there. I couldn’t believe it. I thought ‘Oh my God.’

“Jimmy Savile asked me my name and I told him. Ray and Jimmy were arguing. Ray offered me a drink of Lucozade and I was told to sit down.

“The next minute Jimmy Savile came to sit next to me. He just touched my hair and then he put his hand up my skirt. I just said ‘what you doing?’”

The court in Manchester then heard details of how both Jimmy Savile and Ray Teret raped her.

Afterwards Teret allegedly gave her some money to get home and went back to the club.

The 72-year-old DJ denies 18 other rapes and other sex offences. The woman allegedly kept quiet for 51 years until she saw him on television attending the trial.


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