The dangers of Selfies!


A BRITISH CRIMINAL who escaped from a half way prison holding in England really didn’t think things through when he did a Selfie, pictured with the beautiful Alicante walkway set behind him.

Amid a number of pictures he took of himself living the ‘good life’ in Spain. He obviously forgot he was in fact a wanted criminal and not only took the Selfie identifying exactly where he was but posted it proudly on his public Facebook page. He also put up photos of himself drinking at his favourite bars, skiing and enjoying the Mediterranean high life.

When the police in the UK identified where he was, they informed the Spanish police who promptly arrested him and will return him to the ‘low life’ of a UK prison.


Scott Kelly who was imprisoned for murder in 2005, served seven years for the assassination at a pub in Exeter and was out on conditional licence, but in October he didn’t return to the reinsertion centre and absconded to the Costa Brava.



  1. Yet again another miserable failing of the UK Justice System. If this man was a murderer, why was he on conditional licence after only seven years? “Getting away with murder” seems to be the trend in Britain for the last twenty or so years. It’s about time the system was toughened up to make it more of a deterrent to ‘would be’ murderers!


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