Danelca is the answer to watch all those UK TV channels again


DANELCA is a TV provider that specialises in offering a wide range of UK and Scandinavian TV channels for their clients based not only in Spain but anywhere in Europe. The service runs over the Internet, hence it being called IPTV.

Christian B. Andersen, Managing Director of Danelca, said: “We offer the UK channels that people would have lost due to the satellite change.

 When asked about the service, Christian B. Andersen explained: “One of the advantages of the service is that all the programmes are recorded, so clients enjoy their own personal PVR with all the shows automatically stored for them to watch at their leisure, rather than having to remember to record them. On the other hand, the quality isn’t as good as satellite TV due to the fact that it comes from the Internet, but anyone who tries it, will be very impressed with the picture quality.


 Talking about their experience, Christian B. Andersen, said: “We have been selling IPTV since 2011 as our Scandinavian clients have never been able to receive channels in Malaga via satellite. We are well established in this field.

 In addition to that, Danelca offers its clients great back-up and support through their dedicated Customer Support team answering calls and e-mails. “People can come to our office to check the systems that we have available under no obligation,” he said.

Danelca covers all of Europe. Since their TV boxes are ‘plug and play,’ they can be sent via courier. In the unlikely event that customers experience difficulties connecting the box, support is available by phone or e-mail.

A number of promotions are currently available at Danelca. On both the box-TV and WorldNet, clients can have the box for free when paying 12 months in advance, saving around €150.

Danelca is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm with support calls answered until 4pm and support e-mails answered until 10pm and at weekends.

For further enquiries, please call 952 850 503 Danelca Av. del cosmos, s/n CC Santangelo Planta 1 29631 Arroyo de la Miel Benalmadena www.danelca.com/en



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