British Jihadi plot caught by MI5


MI5 have shattered a plot by a Jihadist Briton who was planning a beheading or a high-profile gun attack.

Four men were arrested in the swoop around West London and properties as well as vehicles have been searched as part of the investigation. This is the first plot that is directly linked to the terrorist group in Syria, known as IS (Islamic State).

Scotland Yard said ‘the men were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism’.


The main fanatic, 21-year-old Jihadist, known as ‘The Surgeon’ was tasered by police amid his arrest in West London. The Briton, who fought in Syria had recently returned to the UK and was plotting an ISIS beheading or gun attack. 

Police raided the home of ‘The Surgeon’ in north Kensington at 4.30am local time. Stun grenades were thrown in by specialist teams, before they went in to arrest the suspected terrorist.

One neighbour said: “We heard three explosions like bombs going off and saw dozens of armed police charging around everywhere.

“There were blinding, flashing lights and a lot of shouting and screaming, police were yelling at people to get back in and close their doors. It was terrifying”.

Sources reported that the planning, which was due to imitate the killings of Alan Hennings and David Haines in Syria, was at its early stages but public safety was of paramount concern. The latest threat, called ‘lone wolf attack’, requires very little planning and only one knife or one firearm.

In recent months, security measures have been stepped up, with Cameron warning that IS (Islamic State) is getting ready to target Britain.  Last week a video was released on social networking by an ex-Morrison supermarket worker encouraging Muslim fanatics to join together and attack Britain. He called for ‘all the brothers in the UK to rise up’, urging Muslims in the recording to go to Syria and join IS. He continued by saying: “if you cannot travel to Syria, then you can cause terror right from within”.



  1. This seems a racist and harsh tactic to use against members of the Religion of Peace.

    I will say it again, extrapolate the polls in Islamic countries; a majority in EVERY one favors Shariah Law (which supports stoning women to death for being raped, hanging gays, killing people for leaving Islam, and treating women like animals to own). Do the math yourself. Read yourself. If there are 1.6 billion muslims around the world, and 55 or 65% of them openly support this, what does that hold for the world going forward as the immigrate and breed in large numbers around the world?

    Andy McCarthy, former federal prosecutor of the 1993 Twin Tower bombings, painted the difference between a moderate Islamist and a radical . The former supports the goals of violent Jihad, but just don’t do the beheadings and bombings themselves.

    We better wake the hell up soon or there will be a world wide Civil War door-to-door sooner than we think.

  2. See Mr Cameron! That’s what happens when you allow these animals back into the country! How to counter it:
    Step 1:- Stop them at the point of entry.
    Step 2. Take away their passports and citizenship.
    Step 3: Put them on the first plane back to where they came from.
    That’s how you deal with these people Mr Cameron!


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