Splash – three o’clock clinic


DURING the summer months you may have experienced all sorts of problems with your pool which Splash Pools can help you with.

A common one is the bottom of your pool turns green and the water looks murky even though the chlorine level is high.

This could be caused by a high cyanuric level in the water.


Cyanuric acid is an additive in chlorine tablets which prevents the chlorine from being broken down by the sun’s ultra violet rays. The downside is that it builds up in the pool and the chlorine becomes less effective – resulting in you needing to use more chlorine to oxidise the urea/algae.

One way to lower the cyanuric level is to change quite a lot of your water for fresh water, another is to use a product which boosts the chlorine which Splash have in stock.

This does not relate to salt water pools as they have to add cyanuric acid in order for the chlorine (made by the salt water chlorinator) to be effective.

Splash Pools hold a clinic every afternoon at 3pm when you can bring a small sample of your pool (freshly taken) and have it analysed.

They can then tell you what action to take for your particular pool problem.

If you cannot come at 3pm please call them on 952 591 053 and they will be able to tell you if anyone is available to make the test.

Splash specialise in pool maintenance, leak detection, renovation, repairs and building of new pools. All work is covered by full liability insurances.

Renovations are given five year guarantees and new builds 10 years guarantee.

The Splash shop has a full range of chemicals, spares and equipment.

They also stock a wide range of pool toys, games and lilos.

Situated off the Carretera de Mijas, just below Restaurant Valparaiso.

Parking available in front of the shop.

For directions please go to www.splashpools.es

Splash Pools Mijas are open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.


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