Six officers suspected of Cartagena murder

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Cala Cortina -

SIX National Police officers in Cartegena have been arrested on suspicion of beating a man to death and throwing his body into the sea.

Local and Judicial Police officers carried out the arrests early in the morning on Monday October 6, entering the officers’ own police station and arresting the six suspects accused of killing  43-year-old Diego Pérez Tomás.

Six months of investigations have been brought to a climax with the detention of the officers, who all share certain characteristics in common: they are all young, and tended to work the night shift in the city of Cartegena, Murcia.


The deceased, Diego Pérez Tomás, was seen by a witnesses getting into a police patrol car outside his home at around 4am on Monday, March 11.

Pérez Tomás, who had lived alone since the death of his parents, was known for consorting with petty drug traffickers, and had previously called the police that night saying that he ‘felt threatened.’

La Verdad  has reported the likely series of events as proposed by investigators, who suspect that after Pérez Tomás got into the back of the police car, he was driven three kilometres from his home to Cala Cortina beach, possibly for the fun of leaving him with a long walk home.

At some point Pérez Tomás, known throughout the neighbourhood for his gentle nature, became nervous, and was hit a number of times in order to be kept quiet.

Two more patrol cars turned up at the beach, and with six officers now involved, it is thought that one of the two officers in the original police car may have accidently dealt a fatal blow to Pérez Tomás, and then called on friends to help dispose of the body.

All this is speculation on the part of the investigating officers, but there is also a degree of evidence to back up their claims.

The body was found washed up on the shore 15 days later, and an autopsy revealed that Pérez Tomás had received numerous blows to the body before death, indicating that he was most likely beaten to death by hand.

Conversations overheard in the patrol vehicles, together with the GPS placement of various personal mobile phones possessed by the officers strongly indicate that the six policemen were at the Cala Cortina beach on that night.

Investigators will now try to ascertain exactly what happened through the testimonies of the arrested men.

The case continues.    



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