Mother assaulted by son in Mijas

Creative Commons by Tyk
La Sierrezuela, Mijas -

POLICE in Mijas have arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of assaulting his own mother.

According to the Diario Sur, Local Police have detained the young man after his mother went to the police with the allegations. The 18-year-old has said that he could not suppress the urge to hit her.

At around 7.20am on Friday, October 3, the Local Police received a call from a resident of La Sierrezuela area of Mijas, alleging that she had been assaulted by her son.


The mother maintains that she received a hard kick to the ribs following a heated argument with her son, who himself admitted to having done so, saying that he was unable to control himself.

Police officers took the young man into custody whilst his mother was taken to a local health centre for treatment and a medical examination.

This is not the first time that the police have been called to deal with the youth. Once before, the Guardia Civil received a report that he had subjected his mother to physical violence during a similar situation.



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