Elite Glass Curtains, the perfect solution for extra living space in all elements


GLASS CURTAINS are a totally vertical frameless glass system specifically designed for balconies, terraces and patios. Our versatile system allows a series of frameless glass panels to be completely open, completely closed or a combination of both… the choice is yours.

When closed, Glass Curtains protect and reduce the effect of wind, rain, dust and noise. When open, your terrace is back to summer mode and because Glass Curtains are totally frameless, your view is never interrupted.

Glass Curtains provide a completely flush internal and external appearance, they are aesthetically attractive and because glass is pleasing to the eye, Elite Glass Curtains enhance the appearance of your home.


Elite Glass Curtains are crafted to your exact specifications and are manufactured to bespoke design. Safety and Simplicity, the system is extremely safe; the glass used is 10mm tempered safety glass.

This is a way of creating more living space without sacrificing anything and with a bonus – the addition of Glass Curtains can increase the value of your home.

Elite Glass Curtains installation is bespoke and since every installation is different, any type of terrace or balcony can be catered for: whether it be straight, curved, short or tall we can design the perfect solution.

Elite Glass Curtains are perfect for apartments, townhouses and villas, but they are also ideal for restaurants and bars.

The possibilities are almost endless.

What are Glass Curtains?

The question most often asked of us is “What are Glass Curtains?” The simple answer is that they are exactly what their name implies – they are panels of glass (curtains) that fit together without intrusive framework providing undisturbed views of the world around your home.

Glass Curtains are mounted on powder coated aluminum profile tracks top and bottom and have the additional benefit over conventional framed windows in that they can be fully closed, fully open or opened on a panel by panel basis.

The Benefits of Glass Curtains

Apart from the aesthetics and obviously the undisturbed views, Glass Curtains offer a whole host of benefits over conventional framed windows, including (but not limited) to:

Elite Glass Curtains give you the ability to use your balcony, patio or terrace… all year round.

Elite Glass Curtains shelter you from wind and rain.

Elite Glass Curtains help reduce the need for cleaning.

Elite Glass Curtains reduce noise levels… No more noisy neighbours!

Elite Glass Curtains add valuable space to your living area.

Elite Glass Curtains are easy to clean… from the inside!

Elite Glass Curtains are tailor-made for your property and your requirements.

Elite Glass Curtains add value to your property.

The Features of Glass Curtains

10mm toughened glass panels. Glass panel heights up to 3m. Weather seals between panels. Powder coated aluminium profiles. Tinted or frosted glass available. Glass Curtains can be designed to fit almost all terraces, balconies and partitions. In fact, we have solutions for almost any application.

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