Security guard assualts youths in Estepona


A SECURITY GUARD has been sentenced by a Malaga court to pay a fine for his part in assaulting two youths on an Estepona beach last summer.

The man was found guilty on two counts of injury after he physically assaulted two young men who had been drinking alcohol on the beach. He has been ordered to pay a fine amounting to €300.

According to the established version of the events, the two youths had been taking part in a botellón, (a public unauthorised party) on the beach before passing through Estepona’s fishing port.


One of the two leant against and broke a fence in the port, and it was when they returned to the zone, later at around 4.30am, that the security guard confronted them.

Far from being intimidated, the youths became aggressive and tried to pick a fight, threatening to beat up the guard. His reaction was to draw his truncheon and hit them.

One of the youths sustained a minor injury to the left elbow, and the other suffered bruising to his arm and neck.

Irrespective of the young men’s behaviour, the security guard has been ordered to pay a fine because the courts considered his reaction to the situation to be excessive.


  1. So according to the court he should have waited until he was himself injured in an attack before defending himself? The Law is going crazy, no wonder we have so many people flouting it today.


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