Savings without feeling the pinch


WOULDN’T it be great to be able to save money? The majority of people would love the idea of putting away a few quid every week and seeing their savings build up over time.

A bulky savings account can get a person out of all sorts of financial problems; because no matter how hard we try to budget and stick to that budget, unforeseen costs always pop up. The car breaks down, an uninsured mobile phone is stolen, a fine arrives at the doorstep from traffic control or suddenly the bathroom toilet decides to go on the blink and it’s essential to replace it!

A recent survey from the UK reveals that 42 per cent of people save out of necessity, but very few feel they have the ability to save for a rainy day.


Making ends meet is hard enough, without trying to put extra cash away for unforeseen costs. There are, however, little ways to start saving without feeling too economically pressured. By simply changing small day-to-day habits, it’s possible to start building up that illusive savings account.

Some of the top money savings tips revealed in the British report are easy to implement. Using vouchers, coupons and money-off apps are considered the most popular way to make savings, with 50 per cent of people saying they regularly use them to get money off their purchases.

Next on the list is taking a packed lunch to work. This is definitely a big money saver. Preparing food at home is much more economical and healthy. And it allows you to put the money you’ve saved on dining out straight into your savings account.

A simple piggy bank may not look like much on the kitchen counter top, but by adding your loose change every day – you’ll be surprised how it adds up.

If a gourmet palate is leaving you strapped for cash each month then I’m afraid it’s time to downgrade to a cheaper supermarket. And while on the subject of food, never go shopping on an empty stomach. It’s hazardous for your wallet.

Finally, leave the car at home and walk or use public transport. And cut up those credit cards. If you don’t have the money in cash, then you can’t buy it! Simple.


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