Albox town hall illegal homes compensation


ALBOX COUNCIL has been ordered to pay compensation to four British families for moral damages.

The council is preparing an appeal against the judgement by the criminal court number two of Almeria which requires local authorities to pay almost €150,000 to the affected families. Mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, said: “It is unacceptable that we have to pay the consequences of the disastrous management of the Partido Popular.” He did, however, applaud the judge’s decision to refuse to proceed with demolition of the affected buildings.

The Partido Popular (PP) was in power when construction began on Las Palmeras in Albox during 2004. Despite the land’s rural classification, the builders at Construcciones Alto Almanzora, were given permission by the town hall to proceed and utility companies were authorised to connect the new properties.


Judge Maria Teresa Vidaurreta decreed the homes as illegal but rejected a demolition order. She said that there would be no benefit and demolition would only add to the moral damage suffered by the families so far.

The chief justice of Almeria, Luis Colomna, announced that judges in the province do not wish to apply any more demolition orders and will do their utmost to ensure this happens. Judge Colomna said he wanted to send a message to the British community informing them that the Spanish justice system has their support, adding that Susana Diaz, president of the Junta in Andalucia, had submitted plans to legalise most illegal properties. The news comes as a case and is being prepared against builders and developers of 98 properties in the El Romeral area. Colomna suggested that the Junta of Andalucia should “get a move on.”


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