A €500 million golfing boost


TRADITIONALLY golf tourism has been hugely important to the Costa del Sol in keeping cash flowing during the ‘off’ season.

After several years of stagnation it looks like the good times are back with latest figures showing golfers spent €500 million in the region.

Few would dispute that the golf tourism industry is a crucial driver of economic growth in the Costa del Sol. It has been over the last 30 years hugely successful, but the sector was hit by the economic downturn. But following two relatively poor years, the sector is back on course, said the Tourism and Trade councillor of the Junta de Andalucia Rafael Rodriguez.


Thanks to its 108 golf courses, 48 per cent of which are in Malaga Province, the Costa del Sol is still a major and popular tourist destination in Spain for foreign golfers.

Official data shows that the influx of golfers to the Costa del Sol in 2013 was 5.4 per cent more than 2012, totalling 452,000 visitors, and the signs are that 2014 will be an even better year.


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