Jules Bianchi in serious F1 Crash

Cordon Press

JULES Bianchi is reported to be seriously injured, after he hit the recovery vehicle at the Japanese F1 Grand Prix.

The Marussia crashed head on into the car that was removing Adrian Sutil’s Sauber which had come off at the same turn a lap earlier and skidded into a wall.

Jules was unconscious at the scene and it took over an hour to get him to a hospital where he could undergo surgery for severe head injuries. He had to go by road, as the medical helicopter was unable to fly due to heavy rain from Typhoon Phanfone.


According to his father, the 24-year-old French driver, who drives for the Anglo-Russian team Marussia is in critical condition.

Sutil, who was unscathed in his accident, told Sky Sports F1: “The yellow flags were out after I aquaplaned at the corner as the rain got more and more.

“And one lap later with waved yellow flags Jules came around and had the same spin there.

“It was more or less the same crash, but just the outcome was a bit different.”

After the prizes were presented, no champagne was sprayed on the podium and there were no celebrations.



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