British hostage released in Libya

cordon Press

DAVID Bolam, who was abducted earlier this year by militants in Libya has been released.

The British teacher, who was working at the Interntional School in Benghazi,sent a plea recently stating: “My name is David Richard Bolam. I am a British citizen. I am a teacher.

“My health is good at the moment. I have been here a very long time.”


He continued by pleading for Britain to arrange a prisoner exchange or other diplomatic initiative to secure his release. The 53-second video showed him sitting in a room wearing a white T-shirt.

There are unconfirmed reports that a ransom was paid through “unofficial channels” in exchange for Mr Bolam’s release. Unlike other countries the US and the UK have a strict “non complying” policy on ransom demands.

The Foreign Office confirmed the Government had paid no money, saying: “HMG never pays ransoms. It is illegal to pay ransoms to a terrorist group.”

His family and the Foreign Office had asked that the media did not report on his kidnapping.

It is believed that the group of militants who held him hostage are from the Army of Islam.



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