Squeezed upper middles struggle on €130,000 a year

Cordon Press

WOMEN nicknamed ‘the squeezed upper middles’ are struggling to make ends meet on €130,000 a year.

The term refers to high-earners who find they are struggling to keep up with their aristocratic aspirations and feel hard done by even though they earn five times the national average.

The new social class identified by Oxford professor Danny Dorling, say they compare themselves to the super rich but demands from their children and private school fees leave them deprived of luxury holidays and desirable addresses.


With school fees increasing by 461 per cent over the last 25 years, they can no longer afford the luxuries, they once had.

Although to most, they are seen as extremely wealthy, dream holidays to the Maldives and designer dresses are in the distant past.

It’s said that this is more common with couples in the south of England, who reportedly have an ‘unrealistic vision of the world’   



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