SRS Vehicle Services: an English dealership experience in Spain


GETTING your car fixed in Spain if you haven’t learned the terminology yet, can be a daunting experience.

But worry not, because SRS Vehicle Services can not only repair and service your car, but they also work closely with local Spanish businesses and can take care of the entire process. Body shop services, windscreen repairs, SRS can take care of everything. Simply drop your car off and let the professionals take care of the rest.

When you enter the airconditioned office at SRS, you will be struck by the professional and friendly welcome from the team of six, ably led by Barry and Lianne, who opened the business in May 2012.


Covering everything from changing a light bulb to replacing an entire engine, SRS Vehicle Services can assure you of a complete, thorough process with no hassles. Repairs, servicing, seasonal checks (don’t forget that air conditioning and heating) and headlight polishing are all available, as well as ITV services and matriculation. In fact, the list of services is so long, we can’t possibly fit it all onto one page.

SRS Vehicle Services provide courtesy cars when available.

The well-equipped workshop has the latest diagnostic equipment to give your car a health check, spotting potential problems before your warning lights start flashing.

Car hire is also available, with vehicles up to sevenseaters, and car sales. The business has a number of cars in stock. All cars come with a minimum of three months drive line warranty, increasing according to vehicle age. All cars are guaranteed to be debt-free, and SRS can arrange insurance too.

The in-house computer system is equipped to ensure your details are stored safely for future reference, and helps build a service history and remembers you when you return. SRS also work closely with the authorities to keep your vehicle legal.

Great customer service, professionalism and excellent results. What more could you ask for?

SRS Vehicle Services Ctra Lorca – Baza 27, Los Carasoles. Zurgena

Tel: 950 44 90 95



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