Fireman brings puppy back to life

Consorci Provincial de Bombers de Valencia

A FIREMAN in the Sagunto, Valencia, was caught on film bringing a puppy back from the dead.

An amazing video clip has been doing the rounds on social media channels since Wednesday, October 1.

The clip shows fireman Carlos Arana give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a two-month-old Yorkshire Terrier puppy after rescuing it from a house fire in Sagunto.


As the video shows, Arana performed CPR for more than three minutes on the lifeless puppy, and after chest compressions and an oxygen mask failed to reanimate the little dog, Arana can be seen bringing the puppy round with the kiss of life.

A fellow firefighter, Cristobel Jover Badia, caught the incident on camera. He said: “Carlos grabbed the puppy and ran outside where he started pumping its chest.

“The poor little thing was completely limp but Carlos was determined to save him.

“He put an oxygen mask over its muzzle but when neither that nor the pumping worked he carefully prised its mouth open and started giving it mouth-to-mouth.”

The puppy was taken for further treatment at a local veterinary clinic, but unfortunately later died from its injuries.

The clinic issued a statement saying: “Unfortunately, despite the incredible efforts of the fireman, there was just too much smoke damage in the poor thing’s lungs.”

Even though this story does not have a particularly happy ending, Carlos Arana is still being applauded across Facebook and Twitter for his efforts to save the pup’s life.


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