EWN releases breaking news Android App

Euro Weekly News

THE Euro Weekly News Media Group is proud to launch its brand new App for Android devices.

Now it’s even easier to access Euro Weekly News coverage of breaking news stories and expat news wherever you may be!

With the Euro Weekly News Android App you are able to receive live content from the Euro Weekly News Media Group onto a simple and easy to use application accessible from every Android device.


The App is free, and all you have to do is download it from Google Play by accessing it directly from your Android device, or from a PC by visiting the link here. If you have a Gmail account the App should download directly to your phone.

Keep up to date with what’s going on in the news on the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Axarquía, Costa de Almería and Mallorca by using this easily navigational App.

Our print edition is read weekly all over Spain by half a million people, making us the largest FREE local newspaper in English.

Don’t miss out on world events and local news: try our free Android application now.


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