Secrets of the Sky Doctor’s success…


AFTER arriving on the Costa del Sol from the UK in March 2000, my main purpose was not to settle in to the Spanish way of life, not to take things easy or to enjoy the climate as many people do.

My main business objective was to work and work hard and to build up a reputation as being the best in the business as this is what you need to do to make a success of a project.

For the first three years it was a full time operation, seven days a week without let up. If the work is there, you take it, make the most of it, as if it’s done well the word will spread and the repeat business will follow.


This principle I have taken from being in the British Army for seven years which has given me a superb background in telecommunications and drive to get things done correctly within our now market leading company. Some things do not change. We still answer the telephone on a Sunday as I know that it may be someone in distress or who needs help with their TV or internet system.

So 14 years later, we have been through some big changes in our industry, especially since February 6th since when the change in satellites have resulted in effectively the Costa del Sol being blacked out for the main Freesat channels on the Sky platform for which we are still dealing with the fall out now!

We always cater for the individual when they call us, assessing their needs. Every client has a different agenda so we establish exactly what they want (internet or satellite, 3G or 4G, residential WIFI, buy to rent WIFI, holiday WIFI or a full Sky package, Dutch, Russian, German or French satellite or IPTV, even if they are infrequent visitors and just want the basic UK channels without internet via an Intelsat system.

We firmly believe that we always give the best advice for everybody’s personal situation as we realise that you are all different and we are here to make the difference and install exactly what is right for you.

Many companies have since sprouted up, promising clients the earth (and more!), vying for business, trying to capitalise on people’s misfortune from losing their sacred channels. We know, (as this has happened before) that we will have to mop up the mess when they fall by the wayside and disappear under that stone that they came from.

As always, call us or email us first for an unbiased answer to your Satellite or Internet questions and problems. We are always at hand to help and guide you through. And if we can’t fix it on the phone then one of our highly trained engineers will be with you to ‘fix it’ and to tell you how to operate your system in no time at all.

So, as you will know by now, we are the distributors in the Costa del Sol for all the MIFI and 4G routers which are an excellent product and has fast become the most talked about and revered item here for a long time.

It gives clients the ability to use ‘unlimited internet,’ yes, that’s no data cap, no fair usage policy, use it as much as you wish on the Costa del Sol and the whole of Spain! You do not need a telephone line, it has a 3G/4G sim inside the unit which uses the Movistar mobile 3G/4G network.

The 3G MIFI gives you a speed of up to 20 MBPS and the 4G router, up to 40 MBPS (area dependent) and supplies all of your internet enabled devices including Internet Protocol Television without a problem.

Movistar has invested millions upgrading its mobile networks over the last six months, so our 4G router is up to five times faster than a landline internet connection and many, many, times faster than any WIFI company can offer, so it may just be the solution for you!

For all our offers and products on Sky, IPTV, our MIFI 3G and superb 4G Router please click on our website at www.theskydoctor .com or call us with your questions or queries on 952 763 840.

The Sky Doctor, follow us on Facebook at /theskydoctors for all the latest news, reviews, blogs, biss codes for Intelsat and a whole lot more.


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