Three weeks without hot water


PALMA’S municipal shelter has come under further criticism by users for the poor service being provided.

The 40 current residents of the centre in Calle del Palau de Congressos, have been without hot water for the last three weeks. Palma Council has been notified of the problem, but the shelter is still waiting for the repair work to begin.

According to the refuge’s users, some people have fallen ill due to the cold water, whilst others have decided to go without washing. Poor hygiene in the building’s communal zones has further angered residents.


Despite many complaints to the management over the past three weeks, a solution is yet to be found. Those running the centre have told the users to complain directly to the town hall, but it appears that the majority of the residents fear reprisals if they complain directly to the council.

This is not the first time that Palma’s municipal shelters have come under fire for the poor service on offer. Last year a refuge for victims of domestic violence complained of poor food, poor conditions, and poor service from the management team.

According to Ana Ferriol, the PP’s social welfare representative, the delay in making the necessary repairs to the boiler is due to the fact that one of the parts required is out of production. Ferriol assured the Diario de Palma that the hot water will be back on shortly.



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