Plans for AVE between Malaga and Sevilla


THE SPANISH government has launched a project to link Malaga to Sevilla by a high speed AVE railway connection.

The government’s proposal for the high speed connection comes in cheaper than the Junta de Andalucia’s project, work on which has ground to a halt with an estimated €280 million thrown down the drain. New plans would see existing AVE lines joined together by constructing a connection through Almodóvar del Río, in Córdoba.

The project’s inclusion in the State’s 2015 budget is an encouraging sign, and initial estimates place the cost of the project at €23.2 million by 2017, an investment which will be vastly more cost-effective than the Junta’s current project, which has resulted in 77 kilometres of unused railway track.


The current Avant fast train between Sevilla and Malaga takes just under two hours. If built, the new AVE line would see passengers arrive at their destination in about an hour and 10 minutes.


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