Bomb blast in Galicia town

La Sexta
Mayor Manuel González Capón -

A BOMB has gone off in the town hall of the Galician municipality of Baralla, partly destroying the building.

The blast occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning, October 1, at 4.40am, causing significant structural damage to part of the town hall, as well as affecting adjacent buildings.

According to La Voz de Galicia, the explosion was caused by a device planted in the entrance of the town hall.


Investigations are under way, although neither the make-up of the explosive device or the perpetrators of the act are known at the present time. It is believed that the device was left sometime in the three hours before the blast, when a neighbouring bar had closed for the night. The explosion caused the town hall’s clock to stop at exactly 4.40am.

Shockwaves from the blast caused damage to houses and businesses within an 80 metre perimeter and woke up many in the vicinity, although there are no reports of personal injury or loss of life.

The mayor of Baralla, Manuel González Capón, claimed to Galicia’s Radio Voz that the explosion at the town hall was caused ‘intentionally,’ and that he is ‘incredibly angry and indignant’ at the act.

Mayor PP González Capón is known for his outspoken and right-wing beliefs. He has caused controversy before when speaking about the separatist group Resistencia Galicia, saying that those condemned to death under Franco’s dictatorial regime ‘deserved it.’

That the bomb was planted by Resistencia Galicia is one theory investigators are bound to be following, although as of yet no group or individual has claimed responsibility for the blast.






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