Hostage Henning’s wife in TV appeal to IS

Sky News

BARBARA HENNING, the wife of British hostage Alan Henning, has made an emotional appeal for Islamic State (IS) to release her husband.

Since Alan’s appearance in an IS video released on September 13, the world has made repeated calls for the 47-year-old to be released.

Alan’s friends and family have been actively appealing for the release of the former taxi driver who was taken hostage in December 2013 after he decided to travel to Syria to deliver aid to refugees over the Christmas period.


Barbara Henning has had no contact with her husband since his kidnapping, other than a voice recording where Alan can be heard pleading for his life to be spared.

In the television interview, Barbara Henning says that she is ‘dreadfully concerned’ for her husband’s welfare, and that he has not been abandoned.

She said: “Some say wrong time, wrong place. Alan was volunteering with his Muslim friends to help the people of Syria.

“He was in the right place doing the right thing.

“We are at a loss why those leading Islamic State cannot open their hearts and minds to the truth about Alan’s humanitarian motives for going to Syria and why they continue to ignore the verdict of their own justice system.

“Alan, we miss you, and we’re dreadfully concerned for your safety. Please release him we need him back home.”

Mrs. Henning’s interview comes soon after fellow British hostage John Cantlie appeared in a third video criticising the West and in particular President Barack Obama’s strategy in dealing with IS.

Henning’s fate remains uncertain, as many fear that increased military activity by the West could jeapordise Henning’s safety, although widespread indignation as to his situation has been expressed, even amongst fellow extremist organizations. 


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