Extradition looms for troubled UK boxer

Cordon Press

FORMER world champion boxer Scott Harrison had been detained and is awaiting extradition back to the Costa del Sol, where he will face a possible prison sentence for triple assaults.

The police swooped his home in Glasgow, where Harrison was arrested and will remain in police custody until the extradition papers by the Spanish authorities are presented to the court in Edinburgh.

The troubled ex-champion could face up to 4 years in a Spanish jail, as his appeal in May against his sentence was turned down. The WBO will consider revoking his licence that was returned to him a few months ago, as it was handed back on the condition that Harrison no longer had any legal issues.


Harrison, 37, was found guilty and sentenced in 2012 after attacking two victims five years earlier in 2007.

The judge said in his ruling: “He has been summonsed on several occasions to be notified he has to serve his prison sentence. He has not responded to any of those judicial summons and his whereabouts is unknown. Issue a European arrest warrant to ensure this order is complied with.”



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